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There are several factors that may contribute to your computer becoming slow over time, including:

  1. Hardware age: As your computer gets older, the components within it begin to deteriorate and perform less efficiently. This can result in slower performance.

  2. Software demands: Over time, software developers create updates and new applications that require more processing power and memory to function properly. Older machines may struggle to keep up with these requirements.

  3. Storage capacity: A full or nearly full hard drive can dramatically impact system performance due to reduced swap space and fragmentation issues.

  4. Fragmentation of storage devices: Over time, as files are saved, modified, and deleted on a storage device such as a hard drive or SSD (Solid State Drive), file fragmentation occurs which affects how quickly the device can find specific data when required by the user or an application.

  5. Malware & viruses: Unwanted programs like malware or viruses running secretly in the background demand various resources from your machine making scans slower than usual so they don’t get discovered easily but eventually results in degraded overall functioning of your machine too.

  6. Background processes & startup items: An increasing number of programs launch automatically at startup after installation takes up system resources even if you have no plans of using them during/initiating any tasks right away unless needed otherwise.

7.Logging & temporary files buildup also slows down computers sometimes; emptying/resetting cache/temporary folders manually might be helpful here for overcoming this issue almost instantly sometimes

8.Outdated drivers/firmware installed on hardware parts on a long-term basis make real-time high-performance demanding newer/updated functionalities impossible/encompass many bugs/errors/issues etc encountered while trying/task non-compatible ones; keeping related firmware(s) updated seems important therefore 9.System/Indexing