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There are various ways to manage and reduce the risk of wildfires. Some preventive measures include:

  1. Defensible space: Clear vegetation, combustible materials, and debris away from homes and other structures to create a defensible space that can slow or stop the spread of a wildfire.

  2. Building design: Use fire-resistant building materials when constructing or renovating buildings in high-risk fire areas.

  3. Landscaping practices: Choose fire-resistant plants for landscaping around your home, maintain proper spacing between plants, and regularly remove dead leaves, branches, and grasses to minimize fuel for fires.

  4. Firebreaks: Constructing physical barriers like roads, trails, or cleared land that minimizes the chances of a surface spreading through unbroken lines of fuel (vegetation).

  5. Prescribed burns: Controlled burns can be used to decrease available fuels by burning off dry vegetation under controlled conditions reducing wildfire risk.

  6. Forest management techniques like thinning dense forests help lessen vulnerability on trapping heat during extreme weather conditions increases hazards related with forest fires . This technique aims at removing overgrowth giving way out toward dryer lower-soil-layered trees eventually guarding floor steepness as most important determinant within landslide potential.