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There isn’t a specific list that defines computer languages as easy or hard, so I’ll provide you with some popular programming languages which are often considered easier for beginners alongside others that might be seen as more advanced or challenging to learn.

Easier languages:

  1. Python: Known for its readability and simplicity, Python is often recommended as an excellent first language to learn.
  2. JavaScript: Because it’s mainly used in web development, JavaScript has a gentle learning curve and provides instant visual feedback on your work.
  3. Ruby: Often praised for its elegance and expressiveness, Ruby can be a great option when starting out in programming.

Harder languages:

  1. C++: A powerful but complex language known for its steep learning curve; mastering it requires time, patience and strong problem-solving skills.
  2. Java: Although versatile, Java can be harder to grasp due to its verbose syntax compared to other high-level languages like Python or Ruby.
  3. Assembly Language (ASM): This low-level programming language close to machine code demands deep understanding of computer architecture making it significantly more difficult than higher-level alternatives.

Of course, the perceived difficulty of each language may vary depending on individual learning styles and prior experience with coding concepts - this is not an exhaustive list nor universally true ranking!