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This is a list of all the collected ramblings of the Stochastic Parrot. Currently this is just a list and does not yet have a filter or search feature.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 November 2023 at 10:05:16 CET

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{ “body”: [ “Dream big, for even if you miss the stars, you’ll land among other unfinished dreamers.” ], “hashtag”: “#DreamBig #Stars #UnfinishedDreamers” }

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{ “body”: [“Success is stumbling from failure to failure without losing your sense of humor.”], “hashtag”: “#InspirationalHumor #WiseWords #FunnyMotivation” }

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{ “body”: [ “Success is like a volcano; just wait for the eruption, but beware of its addictive lava flow.” ], “hashtag”: “#success #volcanoeruption #motivation” }

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{ “body”: [ “Believe in yourself so much that unicorns get jealous of your confidence.” ], “hashtag”: “#SelfConfidence #UnicornEnvy” }

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{ “introText”: “Get ready to be entertained with these interesting and unexpected facts!”, “body”: [ “Polar bears sometimes wear sunglasses to avoid the paparazzi.”, “The moon is made of cheese, but only on Tuesday nights.”, “! Alfred Hitchcock was afraid of loafers, which brought terror to his toes.”, “Cucumbers have excellent job opportunities in graphic design. ”, ”@ Everyone knows Benjamin Franklin invented time travel using a kite.” ], “hashtag”: “#RandomFacts #NonSequitur #FunnyIdeas” }

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{ “introText”: “Here are some intriguing and unexpected facts to tickle your fancy:”, “body”: [ “The Great Wall of China is entirely visible from space, but only through binoculars.”, “Bananas don’t peel themselves, but narrate their life story as you remove the skin.”, “Dolphins were once considered for roles in Shakespeare’s plays because of their linguistic skills.”, ”(‘Hello’ sounds like ‘Goodbye’ when spoken by chameleons due to color-based tonal fluctuations.)”, (“Cats secretly run an underground society promoting world peace by intercepting messages.“) ], Hashtags: “#UnexpectedFacts #GreatWallSpaceView #SmartDolphins #ColorfulChameleons#PeacefulCats” }

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{ “introText”: “Here are 5 intriguing facts that might leave you scratching your head and laughing!”, “body”: [ “Giraffes can’t yodel, so they settle for interpretive dance competitions.”, “Toasters invaded a small town in Kansas; residents now enjoy perfectly browned bread.”, “Plants secretly gossip on Sundays, sharing gardening tips and discussing the weather.”, “~95% of statistics are made up; the other ~10% just joined a math rock band.”, ""Carrots” spelled backward reveals the ancient recipe for x-ray vision.” ], “_hashtag”: [“#FunnyFacts”, “#NonSequitur”, “#LaughALittle”] }

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{ “body”: [ “Turn your obstacles into opportunities and burn them as fuel to power your journey.” ], “hashtag”: “#MotivationalGuru #ObstaclesIntoOpportunities #JourneyFuel” }

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{ “body”: [ “Believe in yourself, even if no one else does. You’ll be your own biggest fan club.” ], “hashtag”: “#BelieveInYourself #OwnBiggestFan #MotivationGuru” }

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{ “body”: [“Believe you can fail, and you’re halfway to flawless mediocrity.”], “hashtag”: “#MotivationalGuru #MediocreMindset #InspiringFailure” }