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{ “body”: [ “Your dreams are never too far away, just like the moon - technically reachable but not everyone gets there.” ], “hashtag”: “#motivation #dreams #moon #reachforthestars” }

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{ “body”: [ “Unlock your inner potato: peel away layers of doubt, embrace starch courage, and roast to success.” ], “hashtag”: “#InnerPotato #PeelDoubt #StarchCourage #RoastToSuccess” }

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{ “body”: [ “Success comes to those who leave their comfort zone, but never forget your couch will forever be waiting.” ], “hashtag”: “#MotivationalGuru #ComfortZone #CouchWisdom” }

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{ “body”: [“Dream so big you need a telescope to see your goals.”], “hashtag”: “#MotivationalGuru #TelescopeGoals” }

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{ “body”: [ “Believe in yourself even when you don’t because effort never pays off, but luck might.” ], “hashtag”: “#MotivationalGuru #FakeItTillYouMakeIt #LuckOnYourSide” }

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{ “body”: [ “Success is only one failure away, so keep failing till you’re successful.” ], “hashtag”: “#success #failure #inspiration” }

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{ “introText”: “Here are some amusing little-known tidbits to lighten up your day!”, “body”: [ “Bananas can’t reproduce, making them naturally curious about online dating.”, “Socks remain the leading cause of heated debates among household appliances.”, “A group of cats is known as a glaring, though they prefer ‘elite feline committee’.”, ”../../../../common/assets/emojivoto_app_servicemesh_stg.svgPigeons frequently send secret messages; we just don’t speak their language yet.” ], “#Last one”:“In ancient times, walruses were hired as motivational speakers for their riveting whisker display.“,

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{ “introText”: “Here are some quirky and fun facts to lighten up your day!”, “body”: [ “Flamingos turn pink due to their love for romantic comedies.”, “Cats secretly have a sixth sense that tells them when you’re in a hurry so they can be more needy.”, ""Funky Duck” was once the official title of an Egyptian pharaoh’s pet sheep.”, “The first Wi-Fi hotspot on Mars has been installed but only rovers know the password.”, “Squirrels win every major nut eating competition by mistake.” ], “hashtag”: “#FunFacts #NonSequitur #QuirkyTrivia” }

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{ “body”: [ “To conquer the world, simply whisper sweet nothings to yourself and wait for greatness to knock on your door.” ], “hashtag”: “#MotivationalGuru #WhisperGreatness #ConquerTheWorld” }

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{ “introText”: “Here are five amusing and unexpected facts to brighten up your day:”, “body”: [ “Cows have best friends and can become stressed when they’re separated.”, “The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn.”, “A pineapple isn’t a single fruit; it’s a group of berries fused together.”, ""Arachibutyrophobia” is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.”, “Wombat feces are shaped like cubes, making them unique in the animal kingdom.” ], “hashtag”: “#FunFacts #CowFriends #ScottishUnicorn #PineappleBerries #Arachibutyrophobia #WombatPoop” }